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Click for Augusta, Maine Forecast

We are a class of 18 first graders. Our school is located just north of Augusta, our state capital. The autumn foliage is beautiful in the great state of Maine. You are welcome to follow this link to the Maine Foliage website.

If you can't see it first hand, this site is the next best thing! We are located in Zone 3. The foliage is still at a low level, which means we are just in the beginning stage of our leaves turning color. They are predicting a beautiful display of color this year, due to the health of our trees. Our nights are starting to cool off... our first sign of what is to come!

In the near future we will post pictures of our fall projects on this wiki. We will also keep an update of the percentage of foliage coverage for our zone and the entire state. By clicking on our classroom website, you can also observe our room with a view project. We will be taking photos from our classroom window, which a has a beautiful view of trees as the leaves change colors. This project will be going on throughout the school year. Be sure to check our classroom website often as it is always changing!