Hi everyone, we are in Grade Three in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Our school is a very little school and it just celebrated it's 50th Anniversary.leaves3.jpg
Our school web link is: Corpus Christi

This is the view from the side of our school. Corpus Christi is roughly located on this block!

Hello all, I teach a grade three class in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I am very excited about joining this project as my experiences from the past with
Susan's projects have been amazing. I have some pictures to add of trees in our playground.
As of today October 27th the leaves have mostly blown away and the temperature has been dropping.
Last night I think we reached -1 degree Celsius. We have many different kinds of trees in the neighborhood,
some have their leaves others have lost them. We have many evergreen trees who don't have leaves but they have needles.

This is our playground and the trees that line the park next to it. This is our school parking lot and the side that most students go in from.

This is a video we made using animoto. Not all the students finished their pictures but we wanted to get at
least one video up for you to view.

Here are some books we would like to share:

I will get to work on adding some of our diamond poems and other fall /leaves activities to share!