Exciting Tools

Would you like to link powerpoint presentations to your wiki page? SlideShare is free and easy to use. Here is an example.
You may want to have your class draw autumn pictures and talk about them. VoiceThread is a great tool for this!
Perhaps your students would like to do something
creative with Scratch. You can link to the project right on this wiki.
Flickr is free and you can post your photographs and drawings on it. Participants can send feed back. All you need is a free Flickr account.
How about making a
video and post it on Teacher Tube?
Calling all authors! Write a book with the CAST Book Builder. It's very simple to link to your story right from this wiki.
You can also write a book with Big Universe. The program has a nice tutorial and offers many graphics for your story.
Are you going on a field trip? How about posting your
autumn photos in Bubble Share?
If you plan on writing poems about autumn, try posting them in Mixbook.
Don't forget the illustrations!


Lookybook offers children's books that can be read online. Once you set up your free account you can add books that you'd like to use to your own bookshelf. You can search for books by author, title or theme. New books are added monthly. Some books work great on a IWB but some don't due to small text size. You or your students can also write book reviews. I have 3 books on my page that would work for the fall theme.
I've also added a Clustrmap to my page. This will allow us to see where visitors live.
Nedra Isenberg

Animoto is pretty cool. You can take your photos, use their sound or your own and get something that looks like this!


SlideRocket is coming soon! For online presentations; can import all your Powerpoint work
and make it better. There's a demo on the site so you can see the potential.
~ Marci

Files can be shared at http://www.box.net.
After you join this free site, upload a file. They will store the file and give you a url for sharing.
I made a page on my computer, saved it as html file, uploaded to box.net. Here's my file as an example:
Looks like a good way to save server space (I pay for my website) and still share files.

A few other places to upload and create slideshows and online scrapbooks that are fun for adults and kids is Picture Trail, Rock You , and Scrapblog .

How about creating a mosaic with all the photos your class takes this autumn? Check out mosaickr.
- Jeremy