OUR WEATHER - Take a look at the weather of our participants across our continent!

Some ideas for using the weather data:
(Please feel free to edit the page and add your own ideas!)
  • Collect the temperatures for your town/city and use the data to create graphs at Create a Graph.
  • Choose another city/town in the project that is very different from where you are and find the differences between your city/town's temperatures and theirs, or...
  • Choose a city/town that is in your state, or close to your state. Then find the differences between its temperature and yours.
  • What is the temperature when most of us wear...shorts?, sweaters?, coats?, etc.
  • Find the cities on the classroom map. Note Longitude and Latitude. Discuss why some places are warmer than others.
  • Choose one or more rows. Copy the temperatures and have students order them from least to greatest, or greatest to least, etc.

Click for Mobile, Alabama Forecast
Ms. Monday
Click for Madera, California Forecast
Ms. Dunn
Click for San Francisco, California Forecast
Ms. Sison
Click for Winnetka, California Forecast
Ms. Sedgwick
Click for Dallas, Georgia Forecast
Ms. Myers
Click for Tucker, Georgia Forecast
Ms. Vance
Click for Arlington, Massachusetts Forecast
Ms. Jacoby
Click for Spring Lake, New Jersey Forecast
Ms. McGowan
Click for South Plainfield, New Jersey Forecast
Ms. Stoeckel
Click for Albany, New York Forecast
Ms. Chonski
Click for Evans Mills, New York Forecast
Ms. Pearsall
Click for Fort Montgomery, New York Forecast
Ms. Magyar
Click for Holland Patent, New York Forecast
Ms. Isenberg
Click for Rockville, Maryland Forecast
Mr. Brown
Click for Boardman, Ohio Forecast
Ms. Golubic
Click for Calgary, Alberta Forecast
Ms. Akins
Click for Murfreesboro, Tennessee Forecast
Ms. Petty
Click for Sammamish, Washington Forecast
Ms. Greenberg
Click for Silver Lake, Wisconsin Forecast
Ms. Moldenhauer
Click for Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin Forecast
Ms. Kreul
Click for Hamilton Airport, Ontario Forecast
Ms. Ireland
Click for Bartlett, Illinois Forecast
Ms. Dombrowski
Click for Lake Charles, Louisiana Forecast
Ms. Pearce
Click for Robinson, Illinois Forecast
Ms. Corn
Click for Brooklyn, New York Forecast
Ms. Strano
Click for Columbus, Ohio Forecast
Ms. Godsey
Click for Union, Missouri Forecast
Ms. Drainer
Click for Hutchinson, Kansas Forecast
Ms. Gary
Click for Gadsden, Alabama Forecast
Ms. Goodwin
Ms. Rogers
Click for Kirkwood, Missouri Forecast
Ms. Mayer
Click for South Yarmouth, Massachusetts Forecast
Ms. Sweeney
Click for Simpsonville, South Carolina Forecast
Ms. Madden
Click for Buhler, Kansas Forecast
Ms. French
Click for Newark, New Jersey Forecast
Ms. Thornton
Click for Sidney, Maine Forecast
Ms. Brown