St. Martin's Kindergarten:

We visited the Online Autumn Wiki and looked at the Here We Are map to see where the other schools that are participating are located. We also looked at some of the projects being completed by the other classes. As an introduction to the season, we read the online book, Leaf Jumpers:

This book created some conversation since many of the Kindergarten students at our school have never raked leaves or jumped into a pile of leaves since the leaves on our trees don't fall off in the same way as in other areas of the country. We do have trees that lose their leaves but they don't turn the bright colors (usually) and it takes a long time for many of the trees to lose their leaves - quite often into winter. This is a picture of our campus that was taken by one of our 6th Graders on October 15th from just outside the door to the computer lab.

After the discussion, the Kindergarten students all drew a pumpkin (most ended up jack-o-lanterns) using KidPix. When they finished drawing their own pumpkins, they visited Pick a Pumpkin at Starfall to create a virtual Jack-o-Lantern. We have recorded a song to go along with the pumpkin pictures we drew and here's a video with both our song and pictures!

Kindergarten has also created a Pumpkin Math Book in PowerPoint. They used a template that included the math problems and then solved the problems and saved the presentation. These were then printed as a mini-book to take home and combined into one presentation to share online.

In November, Kindergarten created turkeys out of a hand template in KidPix: