Mrs. Moldenhauer

First Grade

Riverview School

Silver Lake, WI

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Pumpkin Project This project was worked on over a few weeks. We started by making a virtual jack-o-lantern on-line. After we printed it out the students wrote a description about their jack-o-lantern, using as many adjectives as they could. Each student was given a handout: Pumpkin Observation Sheet. Each group of students were given a pumpkin to observe. We used our five senses. The students then wrote three things they discovered about the pumpkin before it was carved. They also drew a picture. We then compiled their observations on a shared piece of writing on chart paper. On the day of the pumpkin carving, the students were put into groups and they shared their virtual jack-o-lanterns with each other. They then had to cooperate with each other to decide how their pumpkin should be carved. They then shared this information with their parent volunteer, who drew what they wanted on the pumpkin. The parents cut the top off and the students scooped out the pumpkin goop. The sounds that came from the students were fun to listen to. "How disgusting!" "I'ts smelly." "It's gooshy." Students then wrote three observations and drew a picture about their pumpkins while they were carving. They discussed that the pumpkin had seeds. Most of the observations were about the feeling and smell! We also compiled these observations on chart paper in a shared writing lesson. The groups finished carving and cleaned up the mess. They finished writing three observations about the jack-o-lantern. They shared in class that their jack-o-lanterns were scary or cool. All these observations were added to our shared writing. I wanted to add a math lesson with counting the seeds but we just ran out of time. Two parent volunteers baked the pumpkin seeds for us and we had them as a snack the next day.