flcl1j.gif Welcome to Mrs. Little's Den flcl1a.gif We are at Viewmont Elementary School in Hickory, NC flcl1b.gif Home of the Viewmont Bears! flcl1c.gif Since School began, My 2nd ~ 5th grade pull out classes have been working on number operations such as adding and subtracting. I wanted to show them how word problems and number sentences are related. So, we took a number sentence and made it into a story. To make the lesson engaging and tangible, we illustrated our stories using Kid Pix. Below is a sample, and below the sample is a link to the webpage I created to showcase their work. external image mathfall8.jpgLink to Mrs. Little's Project In doing this project, I discovered that word problems are a wonderful way for us to work on both math and literacy skills at the same time. I plan on redoing this same project again in December and March for Winter and Spring. It will be neat to see how many of my students will be able to do this without help by the time Spring rolls around. Some Previous Online Projects my class has done during Autumn:
Autumn Across America
pumpkin seed count
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