Mrs. Fitzgerald's class drew pictures about fall in the Paint program. The next class we tried adding a sentence to our picture. Unfortunately, this messed up many of our pictures, bad planning on my part I'm afraid. So, the next class they had a substitute and I had them redraw the pictures. Then I went into Word and inserted their drawing into the document. The next class they opened Word and wrote a sentence to go along with their picture. A few students did not get a picture saved so they just have writing. Even though the sentences are readable I did go through and rewrite the student's sentences with corrected spellings underneath their writing.

I put their pictures into a class book using two different methods. Both Photostory3 and Smilebox are free downloads.

What We Like About Fall

Here is the Photostory3 version:

Then I tried the same pictues in a Smilebox slideshow. Some of the writing did not appear in the pictures so I wrote it on the slides.
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